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      Next Union Meeting!

      The next Union Meeting in Middleton is Wednesday, September 12th at 6 pm at The American Legion, 69 River Street, Middleton, Ma. Hope to see you there.

      2018 Grievance Forms

      The 2018 Grievance Forms are the same as the 2017 forms. Click on the "FORMS" section at the top of the page, and you'll find them in the "Forms" folder! Or, simply download the .PDF straight from this post.
      Download: 2018 grievance forms.pdf

      Dependent Care and Summer Camp Reimbursement Back!

      The New England Work and Family Committee has new updated information on Dependent Care and Summer Camp Reimbursement Programs.  Members may get information and applications for these programs at the NEW&F website.

      NOTE: Due to the emergency circumstances, the hall (which is in North Andover) will be CLOSED today. If you need to call the hall, check with your steward for an alternate number to call.

      The System Council T6 has completed all voting in New England on the tentative contract extension agreement.  The results were overwhelming, with 96% of all votes in favor of the new contract.  Those results are not surprising because this new agreement will lend security over the next for 5 years:  security in the form of a combined 10.75% in wage increases in addition to the 2.5% already negotiated for 2019; security in the form of telecom industry-leading benefits where costs are contained and predictable for 5 more years; and security in the form of unchanged contract language that protects union jobs.  


      This extension builds on the successes of our current contract, which was won by this membership’s determination to stand together and stay strong in 2016.  We will now continue to reap the benefits of that strength until 2023.  Thank you for standing up for all of us.

      Taking T-shirt orders through September 30th! This time around, we are doing v-neck ladies cut tees only. Shirts will be re-designed with 2321 and her collar pin will say MA. All details are on the flyer below.

      Proposed 2018 MOU

      Hello, all!

      This is the proposed agreement subject to ratification. Special informational meetings will be scheduled as soon as possible to discuss the terms of the agreement and allow voting.

      Please see attached PDF.

      Download: Summary of 2018 TA T6.pdf

      Click HERE for applications!

      On January 1, 2018, Verizon changed from MetLife to Sedgewick for the administration of all short-term disability claims.

      Here’s what will happen:

      For current and new claims filed through December 31, 2017:

      • Continue to work with MetLife
      • Claims will automatically be transferred to Sedgewick
      • If you have an open claim, Sedgewick would have you a letter in December confirming the transfer of your claim and outlining any additional actions you might need to take.

      For claims beginning January 1, 2018:

      • Initiate disability claims with Sedgewick
      • Use the existing phone number to file a claim (or check on an existing claim) 800-638-4228
      • Use the new fax number for supporting disability documents 859-264-4384
      • Information about Sedgwick will be posted on the About You section of the Eweb
      • Requirements for initiating disability claims remain the same

      We will provide more information as it becomes available, and will add the Sedwick paperwork to our website as soon as possible. 


      Committee On Political Education

      Membership participation in our COPE Committee has had a tremendous impact on your union locals success in getting labor friendly, and IBEW 2321 friendly candidates elected.  Over the last year, participation in COPE has grown and the leadership of our local has had a voice in Washington, at the Statehouse, and in every city and town within our jurisdiction. Those who chose to participate in COPE have given the local the support to secure over 100 new jobs in the last few months.  Verizon spends millions to push their corporate agenda with all politicians and they do not value the unionized workforce.  With the help of COPE, our locals leadership has had access to the elected leaders that lead the country, the state, and the communities in which we live on the issues that affect us.  The men and women of this local have a voice through COPE to ensure labor friendly policies that promote working families and union workers.  Thanks for your support and your help getting these leaders elected and more importantly bringing jobs into the local.

      The Massachusetts AFL-CIO and the unions throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who have been active in the fight for working families have used COPE Committees to fight for the following worker friendly initiatives:

      √     Workers compensation

      √    Prevailing wages

      √     Unemployment insurance

      √     Health and safety in the workplace

      √     Paid family and medical leave

      √     Employment and training for all workers

      √     Public education

      √     Fair labor standards

      √     Child labor laws

      √     A living wage for all

      By Establishing an IBEW Local 2321 COPE Committee we will join the other IBEW Telephone Locals who are active in the fight for:

      √     Helping with Fios Licensing & Franchising

      √     Helping with movement of the work out of state or out of the local

      Any member interested in being part of the IBEW Local 2321 COPE Committee, please contact the union office at (978)683-2321.

      For more information on how a COPE Committee works for you, please visit these other Political & Legislative union web-sites:

      IBEW International:               http://www.unionvoice.org/ibew/home.html

      IBEW 2nd District:                 http://www.ibew2nd.org/cope/                       

      Massachusetts AFL-CIO:         http://www.massaflcio.org/legislative-department

      Dear Sisters and Brothers,

      After speaking with our attorneys, CWA and IBEW have decided to appeal the denial of MA Unemployment benefits.

      We expect the appeal to be a somewhat lengthy process, however, we will continue to update you as the case progresses.

      In Solidarity, 

      Myles Calvey, IBEW, T-6 Chairman 

      Don Trementozzi, CWA Local 1400 President

      CWA and IBEW have just been notified of the decision by MA Unemployment.

      Leaders in both IBEW and CWA are looking into the appeal process.


      In Solidarity,

      Myles Calvey, IBEW, T-6 Chairman

      Don Trementozzi, President, CWA Local 1400


      See decision below:



      In sum, we conclude as a matter of law that the employer has established that the labor dispute

      caused a stoppage of work to the Company's wireline business, within the meaning of G.L. c.151A, § 25(b). We further conclude that the employer has not established that the labor dispute

      caused a stoppage of work to its wireless store in Everett.


      The DUA's determinations denying benefits to the six claimants employed by Verizon Wireless

      are reversed. These six claimants are eligible for benefits for the weeks ending April 16, 2016

      through June 4, 2016, if otherwise eligible.


      The DUA's determinations denying benefits to the remaining 4,057 claimants are affirmed. These

      claimant are denied benefits for the weeks ending Aprill6, 2016 through June 4, 2016.



      DATE OF DECISION- August 18, 2017


      Paul T. Fitzgerald, Esq.


      Judith M. Neumann, Esq.


      Charlene A. Stawicki, Esq.





      We are happy to share with you some details on the annual School Supplies Drive to benefit House of Hope in Lowell. 

      We know it's short notice, but here are the details:

      We have many children in shelter and in our low-income housing that we wish to help at back-to-school time. If you are interested in donating a backpack filled with supplies, below is a list of suggested contents. If you cannot donate a whole back pack (that's okay!) then any of the items on the lists below are needed. We are hoping to get items back to our 812 Merrimack Street location by Friday August 18, 2017.

      Please contact Edna Gustafson at edna.gustafson@houseofhopelowell.org or at 978.458.2870 for questions or to let us know you plan to donate.

      If you would like to shop at Amazon, we have an Amazon Wish List!
      If you are unable to provide school supplies but would like to make a donation to House of Hope, please click here.
      THANK YOU!!
      Elementary School                                                        Middle/High School
      Three notebooks (wide ruled)                                         Three notebooks (college ruled)
      Three 2 pocket folders                                                    Three 2 pocket folders
      Pencils/zipper pencil holder                                             Pencils/zipper pencil holder
      Erasers                                                                            Pens
      Markers                                                                           Erasers
      Colored pencils                                                               Markers
      Crayons                                                                          Colored pencils
      Scissors (small)                                                              Scissors (large) 
      Glue sticks/bottle of school glue                                     Glue sticks/bottle of school glue
      Index cards                                                                     Index Cards
                                                                                              1-inch 3-ring binder
                                                                                              Loose leaf filler paper


      Some Local 2321 members were found by the Local 2321 Trial Board to have not performed some or all of their picket duty during the strike. As such, they were fined by the Trial Board for this violation of the Local’s bylaws, Article XIV Section 10(a), which require all members to perform picket duty. For fines that have not been paid, the Local has filed suit in small claims court for the following members:

      Janis Harmer

      Darlene Mello

      Clint Miller

      Kelly Sinclair

      The listed members are no longer considered In Good Standing until all fines are paid, and as such are not eligible to vote at any IBEW local’s meetings or in any IBEW local’s elections.  

      We are looking to build our official mailing list to keep all of our members updated on important news and events. Please use the form below to join our list.  Think you are on our list, but aren't sure? That's ok - fill out the form below and we will make sure you are part of the list.

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