Workers Memorial Day

Decades of struggle by workers and their unions have resulted in significant improvements in working conditions. But the toll of workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths remains enormous. Each year, thousands of workers are killed and millions more are injured or diseased because of their jobs. The unions of the AFL-CIO remember these workers on April 28, Workers Memorial Day.

If ANY IBEW union member that feels that they are being forced to compromise their safety, please talk with your steward AND calls the union office. Please contact the Union Office with any SLC’s, CEV’s or remotes encircled by high grass and brush. Also, any CEV’s with failed environmental alarms report them to the union office. In the Lowell Towers, we are also in the process of establishing a CO Safety & Training Committee to work with management to ensure our safety and training needs are met. Additionally, we will be looking to expand the scope to include the rest of the Central Office technicians. As more information develops on this, we will pass it on through this web site and on our union tape.