Absence Notification Process for Associates in New England IBEW Locations

Below is a summary of the absence notification process you should follow when you are not at work due to illness or injury. Please save this information for future reference in a convenient location.

1.   Absence Notification- Day One Through Day Seven

Call your immediate supervisor or absence administrator, as applicable for your work group. Please make this call prior to the start of your scheduled work time to let them know you will not be at work due to illness or injury. This gives your supervisor and work group time to make adjustments in the day’s workload.

  • Provide the following information when you call:        
  • Date of absence (Note: If you are going to be absent for more than one day, please be sure to let your supervisor know when you expect to return to work. In addition, if your illness does continue for more than one day, be sure to check in with your supervisor each day before your work schedule begins to provide an update on the status of your illness.)        
  • Reason for absence (personal illness or injury, care of qualified family member, work-related illness or injury, etc.) 
  • Whether your absence is a new absence, or is related to a previously reported intermittent absence (Note: Please provide the FMLA certification start date if there are multiple certifications.)        
  • Your can be reached number
  • Your work city and state

2.  Absences Beyond Seven Calendar Days  

Call MetLife at (800) 638-4228 if your illness or injury continues for more than seven calendar days (or, is a relapse within 14 calendar days of a previous disability absence). This call should be made on or before the eighth calendar day of your absence. If your absence is a relapse within 14 calendar days of a previous disability, you need to call MetLife immediately.

3.   FMLA Claims Process

The Absence Reporting Center (ARC) is automatically notified of your absence.  A letter to either confirm or deny your eligibility for FMLA will be put in the mail to your home address within two (2) business days.  YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN FMLA MEDICAL CERTIFICATION FORM WITH YOUR LETTER.  You can get the form from your supervisor, or on the eweb athttp://myeweb.verizon.com/eweb/myportal/AboutYou/ManagersToolkit/IllnessInjury, or on this website at the top of this page.

Work-related Absences

If you are absent due to a work-related illness or injury, your supervisor will notify MetLife at (800) 638-4228 on your behalf on the first day of your absence.

Keep in mind that OSHA and State Workers’ Compensation Laws mandate reporting of all occupational injuries/illness incidents. All incidents/accidents must be reported to the Compliance Safety Center within 24 hours. For more information on reporting a work-related incident go to: http://hr.verizon.com/staff/views/accident.shtml.