Committee On Political Education

Membership participation in our COPE Committee has had a tremendous impact on your union locals success in getting labor friendly, and IBEW 2321 friendly candidates elected.  Over the last year, participation in COPE has grown and the leadership of our local has had a voice in Washington, at the Statehouse, and in every city and town within our jurisdiction. Those who chose to participate in COPE have given the local the support to secure over 100 new jobs in the last few months.  Verizon spends millions to push their corporate agenda with all politicians and they do not value the unionized workforce.  With the help of COPE, our locals leadership has had access to the elected leaders that lead the country, the state, and the communities in which we live on the issues that affect us.  The men and women of this local have a voice through COPE to ensure labor friendly policies that promote working families and union workers.  Thanks for your support and your help getting these leaders elected and more importantly bringing jobs into the local.

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO and the unions throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who have been active in the fight for working families have used COPE Committees to fight for the following worker friendly initiatives:

√     Workers compensation

√    Prevailing wages

√     Unemployment insurance

√     Health and safety in the workplace

√     Paid family and medical leave

√     Employment and training for all workers

√     Public education

√     Fair labor standards

√     Child labor laws

√     A living wage for all

By Establishing an IBEW Local 2321 COPE Committee we will join the other IBEW Telephone Locals who are active in the fight for:

√     Helping with Fios Licensing & Franchising

√     Helping with movement of the work out of state or out of the local

Any member interested in being part of the IBEW Local 2321 COPE Committee, please contact the union office at (978)683-2321.

For more information on how a COPE Committee works for you, please visit these other Political & Legislative union web-sites:

IBEW International:                http://www.unionvoice.org/ibew/home.html

IBEW 2nd District:                 http://www.ibew2nd.org/cope/                       

Massachusetts AFL-CIO:         http://www.massaflcio.org/legislative-department