IBEW & Verizon New England

Work & Family Committee

The New England Work and Family Committee is a joint committee comprised of Union and Company representatives and supported by funds obtained through contract negotiations with each Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Committee creates programs to assist members and employees with health and life issues.

The New England Work and Family Committee meets monthly to approve requests for reimbursement to members for a variety of programs. Programs change frequently, and the Committee works to introduce new programs to cover a wide spectrum of membership needs and interests. Some programs, such as dependent care reimbursement and summer camp reimbursement, are provided every year. In the past, we have also offered healthcare books, health fairs, and lifeline assistance. Our goal is to cover a wide range of life issues for all age groups through a mixture of program offerings.

The committee has two full-time staff members that oversee the daily functions and day to day operations of these programs. These two staff members are comprised of one Union representative and one Company representative.  IBEW Local 2321 Business manager Craig Fields serves as an appointed member of the work and family committee.

The New England Work and Family Committee is an excellent bargained for benefit that specializes in assisting in everyday life situations. We highly recommend that you follow the link below to the Work and Family website and take full advantage of everything the committee has to offer.

For any additional questions, contact them at: 978.632.3275 or visit their website HERE.