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  • Mobilizing

    Welcome to the
    IBEW Local 2321 Mobilizing Page,
    your source for news and information about what YOU can do to for the 2015 contract negotiations.
    We have been asking members to volunteer two hours a week to mobilize and bring awareness into our communities.  This would seem to be an easy ask of the members because we can get the message out while we are still collecting a paycheck.  While we have a great group of dedicated volunteers, who have been actively helping the local for a long time now, it is not nearly enough. Get a group together, some flyers, signs and choose a location and time that is convenient for you.  The job you save, may be your own! if you need a group, contact your steward.

    Brothers and Sisters,

      A T6 wide, including all Massachusetts and Rhode Island IBEW locals, mobilization meeting was held this past weekend in Rhode Island. 2321 stewards, E board members, Business Agent Craig Fields and, Business Manager Ed Starr were in attendance.
      T6 Chairman Myles Calvey, spoke about negotiations and how the Company has not made any significant movement on their retrogressive demands from the original proposal on June 22nd.   While the Company continues to make a BILLION dollars every month, they are demanding that we give up the benefits that we've fought for and won simply because they want to bring us down to the 'industry standard' of benefits. We, and all the union members that came before us, have worked for, have sacrificed for, every article in our contract. The Phone Company never GAVE us a thing.
      Myles, Ed Starr, and the rest of the T6 council Business Managers, asked those in attendance to go back and spread the word that this contract will not be settled in the bargaining room alone.  This contract, unlike past contracts, will have to be won by solidarity, by mobilization, and by the participation of every member.
      We need to put pressure on the Company to bargain, really bargain, not just show up once a week.  The T6, a combination of all the Business Managers, is calling us to action, and we hope that you will all answer that call. We need everyone to commit to volunteering a couple hours a week to flyer/informational picket the Company's Wireless stores. They need to see our solidarity and commitment in getting a fair contract.
      You can choose any wireless store, print the flyer, grab some co-workers, friends, family, or kids and go at a time that is convenient for you. DO NOT go alone.  DO NOT be confrontational. DO NOT block access.  DO NOT leave a mess.   BE polite. DO educate.
       You can have 4-5 people at the entrance to hand out flyers. If there are more people, they can informational picket away from the store entrance, ideally, on a public sidewalk. The goal is to agitate, educate, and force good faith bargaining.  The store manager has NO authority. You do not have to leave because the manager tells/wants you to leave. However, if the police arrive and tell you to leave, do not argue, please leave and let a steward or the hall know.
      If you would rather go with a group; contact a steward in your area.
    Please continue to wear RED on Thursday, BLACK on Friday, walk in to garages together, informational picket, and participate in protected concerted activity such as stand ups, button wearing, and tapping/clapping.
    If you have any questions, please contact a steward or the hall.
    Thank you.
    United we bargain.. divided we beg.
    Mobilization Team
    FB - New England Verizon Workers United


    Stay up to date

        Middleton Union meeting – Second Wednesday @ American Legion, 69 River St, 5:45pm

        Lowell Union meeting - Second Thursday @ VFW, 191 Plain St., 6:30pm 

        Union tape 978-683-2100

        Your Steward   

         Mobilization Email IBEW2321ContractMobilization@Gmail.com


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