Hi all,

Our union siblings in the Hawthorne Teachers Federation (HTF) are in need of help. As of June 30th 2022, educators of the Essex Agricultural and Technical School in Danvers have been without a contract.

With teachers facing unfair working conditions with class loads much too large, their union has attempted to bring in the community for support. Approaching bargaining with a community based platform, they have been collecting input from all members of the school community: students, parents, and teachers. From this HTF has presented a platform to the management which would allow them to communicate with all of the stakeholders in the school district. Management was unhappy with this approach and is refusing to bargain with HFT unless they agree to a gag order preventing them from sharing information about their negotiations with the school community, including parents and students.

After many sessions demanding for smaller class sizes and to include the community in negotiations, they continue to be rejected by management. That is why the Hawthorne Teachers Federation is calling on the community and fellow union siblings to support them in a standout.

Next Tuesday, September 13th, at 5:00pm the standout will be held at 565 Maple Street, Danvers, MA 01937. If you have any questions or need a ride please reach out!

NOTE: if you can arrive closer to 4:30pm, they would appreciate it!

Verizon has declared a surplus under Article G25 of the contract.

The company will offer to employees in surplus job titles and locations the provisions of the Special Incentive, which includes a $50,000 bonus to provisions of the Enhanced Income Protection Plan to qualified volunteers.

The list of job titles and locations affected under this offer are as follows:

  • 5 Special Assistants in Lowell under the Director Erin Stead
  • 1 Special Assistant in Lowell under Karen Ratigan.
  • 1 Administrative Assistant in Dracut under Shawn Marie Akinuli
  • 1 Administrative Assistant in Lowell under Erin Stead
  • 1 Administrative Assistant in Lowell under Karen Ratigan

Affected employees will have from August 23rd to September 6th to volunteer to accept the Special Incentive and for those accepted their last day on payroll will be September 24th, with an off-property date of September 25th.

Affected employees will receive the package in the mail. If you do not receive a package and believe that you should have, please speak with your supervisor or call the union hall.

The IBEW System Council T6 has reached a tentative agreement with Verizon to extend the current contract until 2026.  Please see the summary and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for complete details.

The agreement is subject to membership ratification.  Local 2321 will hold informational meetings to discuss the details of the new agreement on Wednesday, July 13 at 6PM at the American Legion Post in Middleton at 69 River St; and at 6:30 PM on Thursday, July 14 at the US Bunting Club, 449 Boylston St., in Lowell.

Members will be able to vote in person at both meetings.  Local 2321 will also conduct electronic voting for those who are unable to attend one of the meetings.  Please contact the union hall at 978-683-2321, or via email at infoibew2321@gmail.com, to make sure we have your current personal email address so you can vote electronically.  A secure link will be emailed to you to access the electronic ballot. Electronic voting is expected to begin on Friday, July 15 and run through Monday, July 18.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at one of the meetings.  If you can’t attend I encourage you to take advantage of the electronic voting opportunity to ensure your voice is heard.

In Solidarity,
Craig Fields
Business Manager

The IBEW and CWA in New England, New York, and Mid-Atlantic have reached an agreement in principle with Verizon to extend the current contract until 2026, subject to review of the final MOU and ratification by the membership. Details will be forthcoming, however, the new agreement will include provisions for Work at Home. A meeting will be scheduled to review full details of the new agreement with all 2321 members and voting will commence once arrangements are made.

***Important Update***

Early Contract negotiations between Verizon and the IBEW and CWA unions are ongoing. Both sides have agreed to an information blackout while discussions are fluid. Because no final agreement has been reached, the unions and the company have agreed to extend the temporary Work at Home until July 16th.

Detailed information about any contract or potential permanent work at home agreements will be communicated when they are finalized and authorized for release. Please stay tuned for any updates as they become available.