The General Wage Increase (GWI) of 2.5% is effective June 20, 2021

The GWI will be reflected in the July 2, 2021 paychecks forweekly paid eligible associatescovered by East collective bargaining agreements.

Attached is a copy of the 2021 Wage Schedules.  

2021 Wage Schedules

Verizon and the System Council T6 reached agreement to extend the Home Garaging Agreement through July 31st.  This is a win for our members, who are most at risk for exposure to COVID-19, by providing reduced contact with co-workers at work locations. 

The IBEW & CWA have been working hard with Verizon to reach agreements to protect our members, while at the same time maintaining our network. We have made the following agreements:

Work from Home:

Members who work an inside desk job, who have the required broadband service at their residence, who requests to work at home, have been allowed to do so.  At this time, more than 90% of eligible employees have chosen to work from home. If you have any issues, please call the Union office.

Today, the System Council T6 has agreed to extend the Work at Home agreement until September 30, 2021.  Both CWA and Mid-Atlantic have also agreed to the extension.  Continuing this option will help keep people safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 until there is more information about the progress of the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

The System Council T6 passed a proposal yesterday to Verizon for a permanent Work-at-Home agreement.  The existing temporary agreement runs through the end of June.  This new proposal offers comprehensive language that would address the needs of a long-term agreement.  The IBEW in New England is committed to trying to reach an agreement to continue Work-at-Home, and awaits the company’s response to the proposal.

The next meeting of the local will be 6pm Wednesday, June 9th, at the American Legion hall in Middleton at 69 River St.  All eBoard minutes previously not read at a unit meeting will be presented for acceptance.  Please make plans to attend.