A message from Craig Fields, Business Manager:

It is with a heavy heart and deep sympathy that I announce the loss of dearly departed Brother Joe Maroon. Joe was a 54 year old lineman from the Dracut garage with 34 years of service. He had been out of the office since April 30th, and last week tested positive for COVID-19; we were informed this morning of his passing, apparently of COVID-19 related illness. His mother also recently succumbed to COVID-19. Joe leaves behind a wife and daughter. Please keep Joe and his family in your thoughts and prayers. If there are any arrangements, we will announce them on the tape and our social media sites.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been very real to all of us, especially for those on the front line. This loss amplifies that reality. Please, make sure your safety is always your priority, and take as many precautions necessary to ensure the safety of your family. Joe’s passing is a terrible tragedy, and I pray this is the only such announcement I will need to make before this crisis is over.

Take care of yourself and your family.
In Solidarity,

Craig Fields – Business Manager, IBEW Local 2321

Joseph Maroon’s obituary

Verizon shareholder proxies have been mailed out and we encourage our members to exercise their right to vote.  Voting can be done by mail or online.  Please do not give a proxy ballot to a union representative; no one is authorized to vote your proxy except you.  Live or online ballots must be received by close of business on May 4.

Recommendations are as follows:

  • Item 1: vote AGAINST all board members
  • Item 2: vote AGAINST Executive Compensation 
  • Item 3: vote FOR Ratification of Auditor
  • Items 4-8: vote FOR

Over the weekend, the CWA and IBEW negotiated with Verizon to establish a new Hazard Pay agreement during the coronavirus pandemic.  This agreement will provide extra compensation for workers on the front line, who must interface with customers and the public. 

Employees who do not have the option to work at home are eligible for the extra compensation.  Also, Verizon will pay bonuses to these same employees who are on leave of absence because of a medially diagnosed case of COVID 19, or directed to self-quarantine either by Verizon, or by a doctor or government official, because of a suspected case of COVID 19.  The bonus will be $300 per week, and may be renegotiated, but will never be less than $300 per week. 

This bonus structure is in line with other companies who are offering extra compensation for employees who must work in situations that put them at risk of being infected by the coronavirus or transmitting it to their families.  

The unions are pleased Verizon shares the concern we have for these employees and is willing to offer these bonuses to union members who perform the dangerous work of keeping the network intact, and keeping our neighbors, state and local government, and businesses connected during this crisis

If you are quarantined fill out this form and send to: COVID19-WPAT@verizon.com.

  • If you (god forbid) have COVID-19, you need to send an email to this address.
  • If you have child care issues and are not able to work from home, you need to send an email to this address.
  • If you are unable to work from home, and have to care for someone with COVID -19, you need to send an email to this address.

In each email, state why (one of the three reasons above) you are requesting the leave.