Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

Less than 2 weeks ago my cousin ,Mark “Birdman” Bertrand, died suddenly and was laid to rest. While still in disbelief , I just wanted to let you know how your actions help with the healing of this tragedy. The outpouring of support from his coworkers was overwhelming and extremely appreciated. Mark’s wife , Marybeth and his sons Joe, Daniel and Michael as well as everyone else were profoundly touched by your presence at the wake and powerful display at the Blessed
Sacrament Church. Beyond immediate family,  Mark’s death had a far-reaching impact on his community and obviously within his work family. Times such as these make me proud to say I was and always will be part of this family as well.
Mark loved being a phone guy and I have to think he would have loved this display of support. While individual thanks to all would be ideal,  unfortunately that’s not possible in today’s
Again, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who made this possible and to all who participated. You can know that Birdman feels the same.

Neil Spencer
Ret. 2015