Margaret Pierce, New England Regional Manager for Scarborough Alliance, will be meeting with all IBEW local members starting this weekend, Sunday November 12th through next Sunday November 19th, day and evening hours, at the IBEW Local 2222 office: 159 Thomas E. Burgin Pkwy 3rd floor, Quincy, MA 02169.

To schedule a meeting in person or by phone, please contact Margaret at or 508-415-9200.

The IBEW Local Unions Savings and Security Plan is a qualified defined contribution plan established in 1975 for IBEW members. The plan is overseen by the IBEW Trustees and offers members a qualified plan to roll over their Verizon Pension and Fidelity 401(K) assets. The investments and managed account options offered in the plan are overseen by the IBEW trustees. Scarborough Alliance is the only financial services firm that administers and acts in a fiduciary capacity under the plan for IBEW members.

Attached is a recording link Margaret gave this week covering the Special Incentive EIPP offer and Scarborough Alliance for IBEW Members: