In this webinar, Steve Raymond, Regional Manager with Scarborough Alliance Group provides important information to help navigate these turbulent times.

This webinar reviews timely information, such as:

  • Understanding Market Downturns
  • Common Investor Mistakes
  • Smart Things to Do During the Downturn

Access the webinar HERE

Verizon shareholder proxies have been mailed out and we encourage our members to exercise their right to vote.  Voting can be done by mail or online.  Please do not give a proxy ballot to a union representative; no one is authorized to vote your proxy except you.  Live or online ballots must be received by close of business on May 4.

Recommendations are as follows:

  • Item 1: vote AGAINST all board members
  • Item 2: vote AGAINST Executive Compensation 
  • Item 3: vote FOR Ratification of Auditor
  • Items 4-8: vote FOR