Beginning tomorrow, and especially on Saturday, the forecast is for brutally cold temperatures, dangerous enough to cause frostbite within 10 minutes.

Remember, your first and most important priority on any job operation is your personal safety.

If you are sent on a job and encounter unsafe working conditions, specifically exposure to dangerously cold temperatures and wind, you are not required to perform any work operations without a safe environment or appropriate procedure to do so.

It is your responsibility to notify your supervisor of the unsafe condition and expect instructions on how to proceed. If your boss demands that you perform an unsafe work operation, please call the union hall immediately and we will address situation.

Under no circumstances should you put your safety in jeopardy, and the company should never expect you to do so.

I have received many calls regarding the NFO position in Portland, ME.

This is a Verizon Business position, which is still covered under our contract.

If you currently are covered under the job security letter, and would otherwise be eligible for a pension and retiree medical, you will continue to be if you get this bid.

The bid will not be filled using article G30; it is a resume job.

You will be subject to an interview that will use the same set of questions for all candidates.

Seniority will only be used as a tiebreaker where all other qualifications are substantially equal.

The bid is open until midnight on Monday, February 6th.

The Bridge Club of Greater Lowell will be presenting the Boston Bruins Alumni vs the Middlesex Sheriff’s Hockey Team.  Proceeds and sponsorships will go to support the 501(c)(3) charity organization that provides a safe place for those in recovery.  Local 2321 has tickets to the game available free to our members.  The game is Sunday, January 15th at 2pm at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell.  First come, first served, so call the union hall to reserve yours.

Huge thanks to an anonymous donor who donated $200 to the Local!

We were able to pay it forward and donate $100 to My Brothers Table and $100 to Merrimack Valley Food Bank!

You are all amazing, thank you!

The New England Work and Family Committee has sent out a new survey to get ideas for new programs that would be popular with Verizon employees.  The survey was sent out via company email.  

The committee already offers programs that reimburse expenses for dependent care, summer camp, wellness programs and gym memberships, elder-care, and after-school activities fees. These programs are funded through union-negotiated terms with Verizon, and are there to help with life expenses.  

Please take time to participate in the survey so we can offer even more new and different programs that appeal to more members.  When you participate in the survey you are also enrolled in a chance to win a new Apple Watch.  Please take some time and offer your thoughts so New England Work and Family can do more for you.